Tuesday, 11 February 2014

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Kindbergia praelonga

Leptodictyum riparium, Kneiff's Feather-moss

Leptodontium flexifolium

Nestled in the top of a rotting wooden fencepost at Wanlockhead, August 2015. On first impressions like a Barbula, but outer leaf broader and toothed are key clues to its identity.

Lophocolea bidentata, Biphid Crestwort

L. bidentata is delicate and translucent, pale green, with conspicuously bilobed leaves (about 2 mm long). Shoots are 2–4 mm wide, and may grow several centimetres long. Its leaf lobes are long and drawn out into a narrow point. The underleaves are also bilobed, with an additional lateral tooth on each side. It is strongly aromatic, and often fertile, with toothed perianths (BBS Field Guide).

underside close-up
overlapping leaves

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