Monday, 16 February 2015

Leaderfoot, Roxburgh, 15 February 2015

More to follow when the boxes are opened, but for now  a quick storyboard of a successful day out in the County of Roxburgh, including my first hornwort and a lovely Anomodon viticulosus. Other nice finds of the day included Homalia trichomanoides, Fissidens crassipes, Phascum cuspidatum and an as-yet-unidentified Ephemerum.

Viaduct (rail)

The habitat

Anomodon - at several locations

Inonotus radius - Alder Bracket

Neckera complanata

Arable field searching

Success! Anthoceros agrestis

Friday, 6 February 2015

Moss porn

Superb if brief gallery from Des Callaghan. It's tempting to steal a shot to give you the idea, but better just go and look!

Climacium dendroides, Cullaloe, 05/02/2015

Been a while since a proper outing. As a stop-gap here's the lovely Climacium dendroides from Cullaloe, where another species (Lunularia cruciata) has been added to the reserve list