Monday, 15 September 2014

Traprain Law, part II

A few snapshots from the outing

north to the Forth


Bryum alpinum, dry as a bone

Purple-edged Reboulia

A bending of bryologists

Trichodon cylindricans

Grimmia decipiens

Grimmia montana

Resplendent mossiness

Green Dicranum on the horizontal surface

Tricky decsent

BBS outing Traprain Law, 14.9.2014

A nice outing to Traprain law in East Lothian on Sunday where a few choice species were encountered - and as usual a few in packets for refereeing. Probably stars of the day were the Grimmias montana and decipiens which were in profusion alongside Hedwigias integrifolia and stellata (watch this space for ciliata though!)

Also new for me were Amphidium mongeotii (which I must have seen before), Reboulia hemisphaerica, Lejeunia cavifolia, Lophozia sudetica, Barbilophozia hatcherii and Trichodon cylindricans. No doubt I maybe saw some of these before and forgot. A few samples were taken for photographic/herbarium/study purposes. It will also give me a chance to improve my photography skills with my new microscope.

Here's Lejeunia cavifolia looking luscious(if somewhat underlit)