Monday, 14 April 2014

Bryo outing - top of Water of Leith from Harperrig Reservoir

Saturday 12th April - on a grim day starting with wind and occasional spraying rain five of us headed to Harperrig Reservoir with the aim of following the Water of Leith up to 400m, leaving only one section of Water of Leith to do to complete the journey. The weather occasionally brightened throughout the day, but the wind didn't let up much, making any sheltered area a welcome break. No idea what the total tally for the day was, but it served as a good intro to Sphagna for me, and I saw 18 species that I can remember (in total, not Sphagna!)  that I'd never seen before, including 3 liverworts.

the route


Ulota phyllantha

Happy sunshine wanderings

There's a tree under here somewhere!

Closer examination

Someone came to see what we were up to

Some different habitat

A neighbour of Nowellia (more later) on a log

The landscape

Straminergon stramineum

Coltsfoot, with leaves starting to show

Pogonatum urnigerum

Gymnocolea inflata

Sphagnum denticulatum's cowhorn branches

Happy Fontinalis

A nice bryo-garden

Very happy Scapania


At 400m, still no base

The end of the day, and the rainbow


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