Thursday, 29 May 2014

BBS Regional meeting, Dumfriesshire, 24-26th May 2014 - DAY 3 - Corehead: Tweedhope Burn

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

On day three we headed out to a Borders Woodlands Trust site at Corehead: here

We walked north up the Tweedhope Burn, which is unmarked in this map at this level of zoom, but is in between The Skirtle and Cocklaw knowe

Once again we started in rain, and once again it cleared after giving us a good showering (and dampening my notepad) before leaving us in peace with mostly sunshine. The day started off with some new additions to the crew from the Corehead staffers, and we began with some gentle introduction to a few of the commoner species (it's all there was!). However we managed to ramp up from commoner species to something pretty cool when a rock face covered with Tetradontium was discovered (pics below). New species began slowly to drip onto the list and when we departed fairly early to return home a good few species had been added. I have no idea what the day's total was though. Nicest for me was to see a handful of new hepatics, with Scapania compacta and Barbilophozia barbata my personal best finds.

As before, the story in pictures:

Another wet start

Tetradontium - four teeth


Tetradontium 'leaves'!

Bartramia - apple Moss

Scapania gracilis

Ptychomitrium polyphyllum

Ptychomitrium polyphyllum

Scapania compacta

Barbilophozia barbata

Jungermania cordifolia

Interest away from bryophytes punctuated the day once more (for me at least!) with A nice purple Milkwort, a Setaceous Hebrew Character moth I found on a fencepost, a Stonefly, and some other things not photographed, like the Orange Tip butterflies on the Cuckooflower and a Tree Pipit that put on a show for us at lunchtime.


Setaceous Hebrew Character


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