Monday, 20 October 2014

Recording meet Dumfries and Galloway 19th October, 2014

A compact group of 5 (6 - forgot to count myself!) climbed, clambered and slid along the muddy slopes of the Glendyne area (NS8108). I managed to see some new bryophytes and the weather, despite early threats, stayed nice and mild - mostly.

Ground covered
Here's a map of the ground covered in NS8108 area and a bit more besides, with the straight road the walk back to the car. 28th October is when I remembered to stop the track recording! Luckily I was at least able to cut out all the extra recording from the drive home etc.

The place/people


Valerie scrutinises a stubble field
Group scanning for epiphytes


Old walls beside the river (Lophozia ventricosa)

Bridge? what bridge?

Autumn leaves

The plants

A nice Homalothecium

Encalypta streptocarpa
Tetraphis pellucida

Hypnum andoi

Luxuriant Dicranum in the afternoon sun
Trichocolea tomentella

A splendid Rhodobryum

The peripherals - 'off-topic'

Sometimes there are other things besides bryophytes

Notch-winged Tortrix moth

Amanita muscaria - 'THE' toadstool

Witches butter fungus

Oddly capped fungus - no ID (yet!)

Curious cross between a buffalo and a sheep

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