Monday, 3 November 2014

Weissia controversa s.l.

Nestled on a veritcal soil banking beside Fissidens taxifolius, this tiny moss seems to be one of a complex which has been split. While I did have a capsule, as can be seen from the photos, and this is the thing which you need to determine which variant you have, I inadvertently blew it from the stage of my compound microscope never to be seen again!

It has long (for its size) pointed leaves with involute margins in the mid-section, before opening out to a point at the apex. The leaf base is broader and not papillose, giving a three stage effect. The leaves crisp up nicely on drying.

BBS field guide page

The whole thing (or "habit")

Base close-up

Single leaf when wet and extended. c.2.5mm

Transition to papillose middle section

And pointy apex

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