Monday, 16 March 2015

Lamberton, 15th March 2015 - "The Anthill Mob"

A well-subscribed meeting with 18 present. Outside the annual gathering I've never seen so many at a recording meet with faces new and old in attendance. The weather was kind and some nice goodies were located, including Acaulon muticum located on a couple of anthills, Platydictya jungermannioides (not photographed yet) and a nice patch of Rhodobryum.

People and place

18 people - should Guinness be informed?

England on the other side of the fence

Looking north

Further explorations

Hypnum resupinatum

Acaulon muticum

Acaulon muticum through the lens

Dark and broody Didymodon rigidulus


Dicranella varia with fruit

Dicranella varia close-up

Platyhypnidium riparioides

Pleuridium - but which?

Bryum bicolor with fruit


Didymodon sinuosus

Equisetum telmateia

Drinker moth caterpillar - one of two located during lunch

Schizophora paradoxica

Carex pendula - wild

Fossil coral

Fossil tree

The end

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