Monday, 1 December 2014

Bryo outing NT1837, Stobo, Peeblesshire

A group of 11 (I think) assembled for the inaugural meeting of the Borders Bryophyte Recording Group in the environs of Stobo.  During the morning we managed to cover two squares and in the afternoon one more (again, I think!).It was good to get out to somewhere local(ish), with representatives of both Lothian and D&G groups with some additional locals. Looking forward to another.

Mossy wall - always a favourite for starting the day

Welly territory

Brachythecium rivulare determinations

The bryophytes
Beside 'the usual suspects' there were also some interesting mosses, and some new ones for me which will go under the microscope shortly. In addition to the below new, if not spectacular, were Dicranella staphylina, Dicranella varia and Dicranella rufescens. It would be unfair not to mention that D.heteromalla also put in an appearance. To finish off the day another new one for me, Bryum radiculosum was located on the mortar of an abandoned and ruined building. I don't appear to have photos from the field, but I will especially try to locate its tubers under the lens.

Neckera pumila

Neckera pumila

Syntrichium laevipilum (not new but always nice)

Plagiomnium rostratum (also not new)

Riccia sorocarpa

Pseudephemerum nitidum
Off topic
One of the features of the day was the wealth of fungi on display and in fine form

Crystal Jelly

Meadow Waxcap

Panaeolus cinctulus

Stereum hirsutum?


Pholiota - a Scalycap



Amazingly profuse Slime Mould, Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa

Splendid Waxcap - who could argue!

The end

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