Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bryomeet, Dumfries and Galloway, 2014-03-16

Just under ten of us descended on D&G on Sunday, covering the areas below (the middle section was covered by car, the areas at the end actually worked

I'm not sure what the grand total for the day was, but I managed to connect with some new and interesting species. Off the top of my head Orthotrichum Lyellii was a nice one, as was Cryphaea heteromalla. There were some other goodies too, which will feature shortly as I process them

One thing that caught me out was this Ceratodon purpureus, which I had never seen this colour before. We thought it was red in the field, but on this view it looks more purple. Not that the colour was what caught me anyway - I thought it appeared a much bigger plant. When we later found a green one it was clearly the same thing

A variety of shots from the day

river banks largely scrubbed clean by high waters
Lophocolea capsules opened up
Bathing beauty on the path

Cryphaea dry
Cryphaea "fluffed"

This jealous hen didn't like being ignored for moss!
Jericho loch

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