Monday, 17 March 2014

Running with scissors again (or at least playing with a razorblade)

Spurred on by moderate successes in the Polytricha, I chopped a couple of other things at the weekend too. My technique could still be described as 'suboptimal', but I'm getting something at least...

Atrichum undulatum chop suey

Midrib in focus (ish)

4 fingers, like a big Kit-kat or one of the Simpsons

Since I had the razor out and I was feeling feisty I started chopping up some Mnium hornum, before Fissdens bryoides more delicate form got the better of me

I am now the Michel Roux jr. of moss chopping

Visible-ish TS of Mnium hornum

A stray antheridium?

Leaf tip detail

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