Monday, 17 March 2014

Cullaloe Hills, Saturday 15th March

My third one hour foray into the Cullaloe Hills saw the addition of a few species to the site list for me. The exploration of a banking at the roadside helped with a couple of "banking species" (Fissidens, Pellia), and I picked up a couple of species which I haven't identified yet - some sort of Scapania species and one of the dicranales.

Coverage map after three trips:

Some of the more "routine" species added to the list were Hypnum andoi. Dicranum scoparium, Sanionia uncinata, Didymodon insulanus, Dichodontium pellucidum, and Fissidens bryoides

H.andoi, looking like Honey Monster

Dicranum scoparium

Atrichum undulatum


Fissidens bryoides and friend
In the last picture you can see that the Fissidens has a fair amount of Scapania pushing through it. I don't know what this is yet, but it is heavily toothed and has pointed lobes.

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