Monday, 31 March 2014

Cullaloe Hills, Saturday, March 30th

Extended my coverage of the hills a bit, and apparently re-covered a small area too.New area in red at the bottom of the picture

On a foggy morning in the mysterious looking forest I managed to find some Sphagnum at last, and only after some confusion realised I seem to have three species. I haven't managed to identify even one of them yet! I did find the already-mentioned Rhizomnium psuedopunctatum, and confirm Dicranum tauricum, both of which were good. I have a feeling a small bit of Calliergonella cuspidata is also new for me in the area.

Some scenes from the morning:

Having forgotten to take a pen, or even a hand-lens (in my other jacket!), I also took some small vouchers as an aide-memoire for some of the commoner species I recorded. Shows a nice variety of bryophyte forms.

And the three Sphagna

(I have a feeling the one on the left is S.squarrosum and the centre S.palustre)

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